Transart 2006

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20:30 o'clock


Via dell'Adige 2/1
39040 Cortaccia


skoltz_kolgen > Epiderm . Portrait Part III
Thomas Brinkmann > Tecno Soul


Our skin vibrates at the sound waves that lightly touch it. Millions of nano-particles that compose the epidermis vibrate… and reflect as if on a mirror the microcosm installed by skoltz_kolgen. Lying down on earth and plunged into a tunnel made of sound and vision, the audience starts a curvilinear trip that from their skin leads them to an infinitesimal hyper-reality. Science has become a tool of artistic investigation. The border in-between organic and inorganic fades away and the invisible become a universe to be explored up to its millimetric borders. At a nano-technique simulation Epiderm makes us vive the experience of the imperceptible. Thomas Brinkmann techno soul will close the evening under the sign of experimentation.