Archive: Transart 15

Signs of the Times II

20:30 o'clock

Casa Hubert Kostner

Via Marinzen 25/1
39040 Castelrotto


Carmen Trocker > Interview Montage > 11'

Documentary, 2015

Carmen Trocker | images & cut

Anouschka Trocker | sound

in German and Italian language


The International Nothing – a musical exploration of an artist's studio


Registration required > & 0471 673070


In the artist’s studio of Hubert Kostner in Castelrotto, the visitors set off on a sound-journey with the two clarinettists from “The International Nothing”, who make the archaically simple thoroughgoingness of this contemporary creative room perceptible. A short film by Carmen Trocker on the Künstlerhaus sets an advanced sign of the times on this evening.

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