Archive: Transart 15

Track of Horns

14:00 o'clock

Monte San Vigilio

Via Pavicolo 43
39011 Lana


VIGILJOCH > chairlift > 14.00 – 16.00

Track of Horns > world premiere


Tori Wrånes featuring Tore Bråten . Eirik Slyngstad . Steinar Kaarstein . Gustav Gunvaldsen . Lisa Asplund . Eirik Magnus Slyngstad


Choriosum >  Hannes Knollseisen | director . Florian Eccel . Inge Frena . Magdalena von Mörl . Judith Gamper . Sabine Gamper .Sigrid Feichter . Beate Thaler . Sibylle Covi . Elisabeth Feichter . Reinhard Feichter . Magnus Egger . Evi Bort . Markus Feichter . Christian Wallnöfer . Renate Kerschbaumer. Andreas Schneck . Andreas Pircher . Peter Auer . Marion Aschbacher. Martin Frisbee

Alphorns > Damian Senoner . Egon Lardschneider . Manuel Comploi

Bürgerkapelle Lana > Martin Knoll | director . Andreas Harpf | tuba . Martin Eschgfäller | tuba . Christian Tammerle | euphonium . Raphael Palla | euphonium . Fabian Egger | horn . Martha Windegger | horn . Johannes Karl Haller | trumpet . Tobias Gruber | trumpet . Mathias Gamper . timpanist 

Climbers > Andrea Algeri . Carlo Mastaglio



Tori Wrånes is one of the most important, yet unusual Norwegian artists. The focal point of her work is the voice in combination with sculptural installations. By means of her dynamic live-performances, she manages to merge both.


From a musical performance in a parking garage with bodybuilders, cyclists and accordionists through to the staging of a surreal concert hanging upside down from a tree – her performances, which are specifically developed for the respective site, are not just a challenge for the singers and musicians, but also for the audience.


For Transart, Tori will surprise her audience with her ride on a chairlift and together with alpine horns and singers from the Choriosum Choir, she will perform at the Vigiljoch.

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