Festival Transart

Transart is a contemporary culture festival that offers to a curious and open audience music projects and contemporary art at atypical sites, within the range of experimentation joint to quality. The festival was born with a strong multi-disciplinary and multimedia character and has developed through a net of international work and thanks to a rich platform of sponsorships.

The first edition of Transart took place in September 2001, entirely set in the new industrial area of Bolzano, from a bus garage to a metallurgical industry, from a space deputed to the rental of building machinery up to the spectacular glassed court of a business-center. The second edition of the festival – September 2002 – widened its field of intervention by its new structure with various settings dislocated on all the territory of Trentino and South Tyrol. Involved were therefore, besides the town of Bolzano – still nowadays the heart of the festival, Bressanone, Fortezza, Borgo Valsugana and Mezzocorona. That is how Transart runs, from north to south, along the axis of the Brenner transit with innovative music/artistic projects within the aim of creating an inter-regional and trans-border contemporary culture platform. In the following years the festival has continued within the same itinerant character in the entire region, up to reach today a line that goes from Innsbruck to Rovereto. The audience at the shows is seated, without expecting any particular comfort, in the midst of industrial spaces where the strong smell of steel or of mechanic oil is breathed, and the presence of the work of man is perceived: our intention is to involve the audience into a new emotional discovery of the most important and innovative contemporary culture projects installed in spaces that can enhance their experimental character.


Every year the innovative character of the festival is reconfirmed again through the exclusive offer of new specifically created productions that see the partaking of artists coming from an international background, thanks also to the net of collaborations with the local organizations and to the by now consolidated collaborations with renown festivals in Europe.